African Soul Sisters

Working Together Is Key

Who are We

African Soul Sisters is a platform sorely based on the refurbishing of all African women around the Globe .It’s a platform for anyone who is determined to CHANGE. If you want to lose weight forever and create long lasting habits. This is the best place to be.

Why Work with us

-Many people will become entrepreneurs particularly women which can temporarily solve the unemployment situation in Zimbabwe currently.

-It’s not just about Financial Gain but other skills which you can learn along the way – Leadership, Goal setting ,Financial Planning  and also being part of a Health &Fitness Movement  to get rid of Health Related Diseases

-It’s about Connecting, Empowering Women across Africa through working together

-Transparency We are transparent and accountable in all our operations and decision-making processes including management and governance

Our Mission

Is to Empower women by making them reach their full potential and help them realize their unlimited capabilities together as one.

-The idea is to create an Empowered Global Network of Women through the action and influence of African Soul Sisters for the advancement and empowerment of all women in FITNESS, HEALTHY LIFESTYLE and general WELLNESS

-We want to make beneficial overseas products accessible and affordable to African Countries. We ship to most African countries

-We believe change begins in the mind. It requires devotion and long term commitment therefore it is part of our mission to nourish your minds with great inspirations so that we always stay positive and to turn a challenge into a lifetime habit.

– Eradication of Self-inflicted Diseases like Obesity


How A.S.S empowers entrepreneurs

Direct selling remains big business across the world amassing $183bn in revenue in 2018. The industry is growing rapidly and we also want to engage with African millennial, as this demographic house an entrepreneurship mindset

African Soul Sisters wants to use this strategy to avail  Useful and Safe weight loss  Supplements to aid women during their weight loss  Journey

Since we are all about Women Empowerment we want to significantly increase the female entrepreneurship base in Zimbabwe by 30%.

We want to look further into consumer behaviors to see what we can do to become an integral part of our customers –day to day lives.

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