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Empowering Women Through Fitness

Here are three ways to empower and emancipate yourself from society’s idealistic body-image pressures.

1. It is scientifically proven!  

Research shows that stress can keep us from losing weight, and on the flip side might even cause more weight gain. Even when we are eating well and exercising, an excessive amount of stress can counteract all of our good efforts. That’s why it’s so important to combine both fitness and wellness together. By reducing stress and increasing relaxation we can actually significantly improve our weight loss efforts. Practice relaxation techniques like meditation, yoga, and deep breathing to keep your mind healthy and balanced.

2. When you look good, you feel good!

This is so true, and you know it. You’ve been working your butt off in the gym, eating a healthy clean diet, and there you are strutting your stuff in front of the bathroom mirror saying, “Damn, girl. Lookin’ good!” The best part of it is that you are doing it for yourself.

Self-esteem rises when you improve your image on your terms. I am a big believer in fitness and wellness journaling. Keeping track of what you eat and daily exercise holds you accountable. Hang it on the fridge, share it with friends and family, and they can help hold you to your goals too! It’s a win-win!  Every team should have a cheering section.

3. Improving your looks improves your health!

Working out and eating healthy foods will make you feel better because your body will be functioning better than ever. When you feel good, you also look good. Your energy levels will increase and you will be ready to take on the world.

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